In Honor Of Shad Bare – Bozeman, MT

It is with deepest regret that we share that on August 21, 2020 there was a fatality on a leg of the Patriot Tour between Bozeman and Missoula, Montana. In eleven consecutive years and through nearly 160,000 miles, this is a devastating first. The Flag Bearer, a 10-year veteran of the Tour, was involved in a motorcycle accident and lost his life as a result.

This page and the remainder of the 2020 Patriot Tour is dedicated to The Bozeman Flag Bearer.

After moving only virtually for half of the 2020 Tour schedule due to COVID, the American Flag was finally released for live transport on July 17 in Erie, Pennsylvania. It was a first step toward finishing the remaining Tour in our traditional city-to-city, state-to-state style. Since its July 17 release we have witnessed a massive swelling of support and momentum adding some revitalization to what has otherwise been a challenging year.

The Flag arrived in Bozeman, Montana at Yellowstone Harley-Davidson on August 20 and was passed to Flagbearer Shad Bare. Shad had been a 10 year veteran of the Patriot Tour and a proud supporter of its mission. As a member of the U.S Army, Shad was the right man for the job. On August 21 Shad and his crew departed Bozeman for Missoula. Just West of Butte, Shad was seen to be experiencing a small wobble in his handlebars which pulled him to the left side of the interstate where he hit the guard rail and his life was ended upon impact.

Yet, in the midst of this major tragedy and under no direction or order, these riders did the unthinkable…they retrieved the Flag from the wreckage and made the decision to press on for Missoula. Receiving news of the tragedy and without hesitation, the Missoula riders rushed out to meet the Yellowstone crew to escort them back to Missoula and Grizzly Harley-Davidson.  Once everyone was gathered at the dealership, the Flag was officially and solemnly transferred to Missoula. The Yellowstone riders were determined to complete their leg of the mission for their friend and for the cause and see that the Flag continued to its final destination in Arizona.

This is a story about people you’ve never met, in a place few will ever be, experiencing circumstances most will likely never face. Somewhere west of Butte, Montana, a great man died. Somewhere west of Butte, Montana American pride and American fortitude arose to keep a mission alive for a just cause. In a period of fear, division and uncertainty, this story represents determination, American Patriotism and courage. It’s a story that defines our American experience and it’s a story that we’re going to tell far and wide.  We hope that you will too.

Bill Sherer

Executive Director

The Nation of Patriots