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    The Patriot TourTM consists of one American Flag being carried through 48 continental states, escorted by tens of thousands for 110 days straight all in honor of America’s Armed Forces members. The Patriot TourTM is a vehicle through which we strive to unite Americans beneath the colors of our nation’s Flag and behind the men and women who bravely stand up to defend them. As one collective force, we work through the Patriot Tour™ to raise financial support and awareness for the families of wounded veterans. Find the closest stop to you and join us. ALL are welcome. Please note that all dates provided in the list above are the DEPARTURE dates of the Patriot TourTM.



    Every year Nation of PatriotsTM organizes a national effort that pays tribute to, and honors, all of America’s Armed Forces – Past, Present, and Fallen. This united effort is known as the Patriot TourTM.The Patriot TourTM traditionally begins during Memorial Day weekend. A massive group of riders escorts one American Flag on the back of a motorcycle to the first of many destinations. Upon arrival, the flag is transferred to the new escort. The next day the Flag is escorted to another designated location…and on and on for over 100 days, through all 48 continental states. The Flag finally makes a full circle where several thousand Americans gather to honor America’s Military members and raise support for those wounded in their service. This is the Patriot TourTM.

    It’s the very foundation of the American Flag and all it represents that our brave men and women in the military have stood and died defending, continue to stand and protect, and will forever fight for.