You have stepped up as the point person for the Patriot Tour and we thank you. It’s people like you that have kept this event going since its inception. There’s a lot to know, so we’ve compiled information into this packet to help you along the way.

Feel free to call and/or email us if you need additional support.


We are striving to bring communities together to rally behind the cause of supporting disabled veterans and their families. It’s our job to provide you with the tools to succeed. We want to empower you to reach as many people in your communities as possible through marketing, advertising and public relations opportunities. Below are various tools and organization capabilities and ways to access them:

Email Us Directly @ www.nationofpatriots.com/contact
Information By Request:
Advertising templates
Marketing ideas
FAQ forums
Training videos
Fundraising ideas
Financial information
Background information


The Patriot Tour is a registered trademark and solely owned by the Nation of Patriots, Inc.


Passing of one American Flag through 50 states, 15,000 miles, over 115 days. The flag is traditionally transported on the back of a motorcycle. The Patriot Tour  was created to honor ALL military: enlisted, veterans, military families and the fallen while calling attention to and raising financial support for disabled veterans and their families.

It is officially and correctly named the “PATRIOT TOURTM


This is not the Nation of Patriot’s Tour, The Harley Tour, the Flag Passing Tour, The Patriot’s Flag Tour, the Flag of Patriots Tour, The honor flight, the moving Flag or anything else.


It is your responsibility to connect and coordinate with the group you are receiving the Flag from and the group you will be delivering the Flag to.
By default, the group delivering the Flag has the lead in suggesting the delivery/arrival time at the receiving group’s location.
***We expect common sense to prevail and that ALL parties will be mindful of the requests and respectful in the way that they work with each neighboring group. Aggressive or disrespectful behavior will NOT be tolerated and may be grounds for the offending location’s removal from the Tour schedule***
All participating locations must designate a Flag Bearer and a main point of contact. These can be the same individual.
The Flag must be handled in strict adherence to the United States Flag Code:


The easiest way to coordinate your public relations and media efforts is through our team at Botham, INK. Please refer to contact information in the sidebar.



The Nation of Patriots (NoP) is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization that raises financial support for physically and mentally injured veterans and their families. 100% of all donations collected go directly to the support of these military families.

National Headquarters

Based in Wisconsin – P.O. Box 73, Sussex, WI 53089





Board of Directors

Bill Sherer-Executive Director
Paul Ginter-Director of Operations
Jake Poepl-Director of Finance
Brad Weber-Board Member
MaryAnn Mayer-Secretary

Executive Team

Cindy Schmittinger, Chief Financial Officer
Rick Schmittinger, Chief Military Affairs Officer
Paul Aubert- National Commander
Rick Bitzer, VP of Operations

Regional Commanders

IL, IN – Dave Hume
NY – Open
SD, ND – Kevin Stoterau
VA, DC, MD – Lonnie Hitchcock
GA – Joe Combs
FL – Dave Grabow
LA, MS, AR – Steve Carrington
SC, NC – Ed Bonham
KS, MO, OK – Ryan Mitchell
NM – Terry Proctor
AZ – Dan Smith
NV, AK, HI – Melanie Stout
SoCAL – Scott Schaeffer
WA, ID, OR – Open
WY, MT, UT – Mike Tipton
NE – Troy Pospisil



You are responsible for finding candidates in your area before December 31 in the given year. The NoP has a vast network of connections and can assist with this effort.

All grant applicants MUST complete the Veteran Grant Request Application form. The form is turned in to the NoP for board review and final approval. Grants will not be provided without board approval.

A good place to start your search is with local VA Hospitals and offices, American Legions, VFW’s, Combat Veteran Associations and many other veteran-focused and recognized groups around the country. If you’re with a Harley Owner’s Group through a local HD dealership, try asking some of the members if they know of anyone in the community who may need assistance (so long as they fit the Nation of Patriots criteria).

The NoP also works with veteran foundations and other partners that are constantly in need of help with veterans and military families. We can work with them to find a candidate in your area.

HELP! I Can’t Find a Candidate

Depending on your location, it may be somewhat challenging to find a candidate. Finding a candidate can take persistence, resources and time. We understand that you’re busy with a million other things and this might be more daunting than originally anticipated.

Veteran Family Sponsorship

If all options have been exhausted and we can’t locate anyone in your area, there are other options.

We can locate a veteran family for your group to sponsor. While the family may not be local or even in your state, our program will apply every single dollar that your group raised to helping them. We will even connect you to the family so you can share photos and letters.

We use a registry system through companies like Amazon; Walmart; Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc.

We ask the family to select what they need in a private registry

We give you access to the registry

Your group selects as many items as possible given the total you raised

When you’ve finished, we apply payment and the goods get shipped straight to the veteran



100% of all donations received go to disabled veterans struggling to support their families. We send donations out in the form of grant checks made out to the veteran or to their bill collectors. These grants ease financial stress so these families can find some relief and focus on improving their lives.


As a 501(c)3 we must have a set of criteria through which we work to select the candidates we’re able to help:

– Veteran must have been honorably discharged
– Veteran must have minimum one legal dependent
– Veteran must have a VA disability rating of 50% or more

ALL candidates must complete and return the Financial Assistance Application and Eligibility Criteria. DOWNLOAD FORM


The Nation of Patriots can accept a variety of payment forms to make it easier for you to raise donations in your area.

We currently accept:

Cash deposits
Personal or business checks
Credit card payments through PayPal


There are several different ways your group can send in the donations you raise: Direct deposit, mail to our bank or online.

The Nation of Patriots has a bank account with Wells Fargo. You can take cash and checks to any Wells Fargo branch location and deposit donations into our account. We track all the incoming donations and can validate your deposit.

Wells Fargo Account Information:
Account Name:      Nation of Patriots, Inc.
Account Number:   7381757249
Routing Number:    Provided upon request

If you don’t have a Wells Fargo in your area please follow these instructions:

Send checks to us, as the 501(c)3 entity. The correct address is

Nation of Patriots
P.O. Box 73
Sussex, WI 53089

or use the bank address below.

If you end up with cash donations, please ask a business to take the cash and write you a business check or you can take the cash to a bank and they can give you a cashier’s check. *Never send cash in the mail or put the donations into your personal account to write us a personal check.

If you use PayPal or you know others that intend to use PayPal, you are responsible for notifying NoP leadership or your representative and providing proper instruction. Otherwise, we may not know to properly allocate the donations to your specific geographic location. The PayPal payee can also include location information in their memo.

You are responsible for notifying NoP leadership or your representative and providing proper instruction as to where and from whom the donations are being sent. Otherwise, we may not know to properly allocate the donations to your specific geographic location.

Vermillion State Bank Address:
C/O Jake Poepl
975 Lyn Way
Hastings, MN 55033


We track every donation by state and location.
We work with VA hospitals, American Legions, VFWs, other non-profits and many more veteran-associated groups to find, vet and help the military families we support.
Our goal is to raise as much money as possible every calendar year and give it all away by December 31. Funds that we are not able to give out, get rolled over and dispersed throughout the next calendar year.
We do NOT track your donations into the next calendar year. If a veteran need within your community arises, please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to assist.



We allocate donations all across the country from the monies generated over any given year. WE CHALLENGE YOU to raise over $1,000 in donations. If you meet this challenge we will work with you to identify, vet and select an injured veteran and his or her family (or families). Every single dollar you raised will be given to them.

This brings everything we do full circle. You lead your community to meeting this goal on behalf of this cause and then you get to put every single penny directly into the hands of a special military family in your area that needs financial support.



You may run into a situation where you need to present a special form for fundraising purposes, event permits, etc. Here is a list of frequently requested items:

IRS Form W-9
IRS Income Tax Form – 990 Long Form
IRS 501(c)3 Confirmation Letter
Articles of Incorporation
Donation Receipt Forms
Patriot Tour – Rider Release Form
Veteran Grant Request Application

If there’s something you need that you cannot locate online, please send a request via email.



The Botham, INK. team will work with local media in the geographic reach of each Tour stop to promote the Patriot Tour. The Botham team will handle press release distribution, outreach and follow ups with all media surrounding the Tour.

If you have relationships with the local media please notify the Botham, INK. team to avoid any redundant outreach. It is crucial that the messaging that is shared with any media is both authentic and consistent to the NoP brand. To ensure consistency of brand messaging, please refer to the Press Release template and Talking Points when in contact with media.

Questions? Please contact the Botham, INK. team: liz@bothamink.com or sarahbotham@bothamink.com or 608-437-2202.



We encourage all our participating locations to create their own Facebook pages to share videos, pictures and event details.

If you wish to take it to the next level you may create a website. We do not provide funding or web development support at this time. Any use of our name or logo must be reviewed and approved before a website is published and publicly available.

***The use of social media and website content shall be strictly designated and solely associated to actions, details and workings of the NoP and the Patriot Tour. Political views, opinions or offensive content, postings, articles and pictures are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Be mindful of your personal social sites. You represent the NoP and the veterans we work to serve. ***

Escalation Procedures

In the event that you experience malpractice, abuse in any form, malicious intent or any form of behavior that you feel is destructive or may result in a negative impact to the NoP or the Patriot Tour, we ask that you report it immediately.

Escalation procedures are as follows:

– Document the behavior or event in writing
– Send the written explanation via email to your associated Regional Commander
– If you do not have a Regional Commander in your area or you have an issue with your current Regional Commander, go to the Contact Us page of the NoP’s website and put “Reporting Abuse” in the subject line. Include your write-up in the content field and submit it to the national organizers. Our team will respond within 24 hours.