Frequently asked questions about the Patriot Tour and Nation of Patriots

Asked Questions

What is the Patriot TourTM?

The Patriot Tour is the ceremonial passing of one American Flag through all 50 states. The Tour spans 15,000 miles and takes 115 days to complete. The flag is traditionally transported on the back of a motorcycle.

What is the Patriot TourTM for?

The Patriot Tour was created to honor ALL of the United States military: active service, veterans, deceased, and military families. The goal of the Tour is to raise awareness for the needs of these American heroes and to gather financial support that goes directly towards helping disabled veterans and their families.

Where can I donate?

We accept donations here.

Are you affiliated with any other tours?

The Patriot Tour is a standalone event and is NOT the Nation of Patriots Tour, the Harley Tour, the Flag Passing Tour, the Patriots Flag Tour, the Flag of Patriots Tour, the Honor Flight, the Moving Flag, or anything else.

Where can I find more information?

Our site is full of information for those interested. We have pages that highlight our tour stops, guidelines, contact information, and more.


We encourage all our participating locations to create their own Facebook pages to share videos, pictures and event details.

If you wish to take it to the next level you may create a website. We do not provide funding or web development support at this time. Any use of our name or logo must be reviewed and approved before a website is published and publicly available.

***The use of social media and website content shall be strictly designated and solely associated to actions, details and workings of the NoP and the Patriot Tour. Political views, opinions or offensive content, postings, articles and pictures are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Be mindful of your personal social sites. You represent the NoP and the veterans we work to serve. ***

Escalation Procedures

In the event that you experience malpractice, abuse in any form, malicious intent or any form of behavior that you feel is destructive or may result in a negative impact to the NoP or the Patriot Tour, we ask that you report it immediately.

Escalation procedures are as follows:

  1. Document the behavior or event in writing
  2. Send the written explanation via email to your associated Regional Commander
  3. If you do not have a Regional Commander in your area or you have an issue with your current Regional Commander, go to the Contact Us page of the NoP’s website and put “Reporting Abuse” in the subject line. Include your write-up in the content field and submit it to the national organizers. Our team will respond within 24 hours.


Our VP of Operations, Rick Bitzer, will work with local media in the geographic reach of each Tour stop to promote the Patriot Tour. We will handle press release distribution, outreach and follow ups with all media surrounding the Tour.

If you have relationships with the local media please notify us team to avoid any redundant outreach. It is crucial that the messaging that is shared with any media is both authentic and consistent to the NoP brand. To ensure consistency of brand messaging, please refer to the Press Release template and Talking Points when in contact with media.

Questions? Please contact Rick Bitzer at