Overgaard, AZ

May 25 - 25

American Legion Post 86

2068 Lumber Valley Rd - Overgaard, AZ 85933

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Flag Arrival Time: 2:30pm

Venue Details: American Legion Post 86  2068 Lumber Valley Rd  Overgaard, AZ

Riders on their own for lodging after event/dinner time TBD

Rusty Buck Inn  1842 Hwy 260  Heber, AZ 85928

Ceremony Details: Details Coming Soon

Flag Departure Time: 8:30am

Route Information: Head west on AZ260; right on AZ277 northbound; left on AZ377 northbound; left on AZ77 northbound; left on Hopi Dr; left to merge onto I-40 westbound; Exit 255 Transconn Lane left; arrive at Flying J Truckstop (gas & go); parade southbound (escorted) on Transconn then west on Old Hwy 66; arrive at Winslow Elks Lodge (lunch & ceremony) 10:30am.

Depart at 12:00pm and head west on Old Hwy 66 to right on Hipkoe Dr; left on I-40 westbound; Exit 185 Transwestern Rd to Bellemont, left on Hughes Rd; right on Camp Navajo Rd/Veterans Rd - arrive at AZ Veterans Memorial 14317 Veterans Dr Bellemont AZ for 1:15pm ceremony. 

Depart at 1:45pm east on Veterans Rd/Camp Navajo Rd to left on Hughes/Transwestern Rd; left onto I-40 westbound; Exit 165 towards AZ64 Williams; parade on Historic Route 66 westbound to Monument Park for 2:30pm ceremony.

Depart at 3:10pm to Williams hotels. 

Contact Information: Anthony Caniglia - anthonynopaz@gmail.com

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