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Nation of PatriotsTM has worked hard to expand our network and reach a larger crowd for one simple mission: To financially support wounded veterans and their families.

We can’t do it alone. Nation of PatriotsTM proudly endorses each of the organizations and encourages you to engage them when and wherever possible!


Steelhorse Motorsports is Wade Fletcher, Tim Fletcher and Brad Weber; three motorsports enthusiasts who have spent the better part of their lives finding ways to put rubber to pavement in pretty much any form. These days though, we’re interested in helping riders find ways to access parts and accessories without the high cost of purchasing from traditional sources. Our relationships with manufacturers and vendors make this possible and our business model means it benefits you.

Since 1983, Scag Power Equipment has manufactured “Simply the Best” commercial riding, stand-on and walk-behind lawn mowers money can buy. Scag’s innovation and attention to quality is known and respected throughout the industry. If you are looking for the highest quality, best built, best cutting commercial lawn mower or leaf management equipment, proudly made in the USA, look no further.

A memorable destination on the way to somewhere else, or the last stop after a long day’s ride, we’re as inviting as the open road on a fine summer day and as familiar as the last turn for home.
Have a meal and a relaxing conversation or limber up your dancing feet, clean out your pipes and raise a little hell.

Our purpose is to embrace Local – the advancement and enjoyment of community – to share the achievements and splendor of the neighborhood – the local economy – recognizing the importance of doing business with your neighbors and supporting the delicate interdependence of it all. We value community and work to help encourage a prosperous and sustainable.